Parking & Travel Information


START LINE LOCATION: Corner of Autumn St. & W. Santa Clara Ave (SAP CENTER)

PARKING: The lots around SAP Center will be charging a small parking fee on race day. We don’t see a dime of that parking money, apologize for the extra cost and encourage you to take advantage of VTA, get dropped off or beat the system and park on the streets. You can also ride your bike and our friend Steven will watch it for you. The last option is to check out these driving directions to open lots:
***If you do park in SAP center lots you must move your car by 2:00pm or pay $25.

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Access to Parking from the South:

  • SAP Center Lots: If arriving before 7:30am you will be able to access the lots from the south via Autumn St., left on W. Santa Clara St. and right into main lots


  • Before or after 7:30am you can utilize the lots on Delmas St. off of San Fernando


  • Take the Julian St. exit off of 87. (W. Santa Clara St. exit will force you to turn right).  At Julian, an SJPD officer will be there to quickly get you through the light off the freeway, you’ll make a left onto Julian and a left onto N. Montgomery where you will enter the HP Pavilion lot from the north entrance.

 Access to Parking from the North:

  • Take the Julian St. exit off of 87. Make a right on Julian, a left on N. Montgomery and head right into the HP Pavilion lot from the north entrance.

VTA Options:  This bus rules, take it.  Don’t know which route can get you to and from the Start & Finish Line?  VTA makes it easy with their route searches and maps. Learn more here.

RUNNER DROP OFF: We have created a runner drop-off curb at the corner of St. John & Autumn St.  You can get dropped off and your mom can beat you to Santana Row for the dramatic finish and maybe a little breakfast.

BUSING: You’re probably wondering, “if it starts downtown and ends at Santana Row then how do I get home?” First off, nice work detective. Now, three options:

(1) Get dropped off at the start and tell your mom to meet you at the Row.

(2) Cool down and run back

(3) Party at Santana Row and take the free shuttles buses back to the pavilion.

Your bib is your ticket back onto the bus. Buses will start running at about 9:00am across the street from Santana Row near Winchester Mystery House and the theatres (on Olin St).  Buses will run when they’re full, but don’t feel like you need to rush out, we’ll have them running until 1pm. Get brunch, hit up an after party (think Rosie McCann’s or Left Bank).